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The UM goes MAD!




The University of Maastricht has announced the Project closure of the successful SAP Business Intelligence project Be Informed. See UM news.


As external project manager I had the pleasure to contribute to the success of this project.

“Over the past year the project has focused on the delivery of (strategic) management reports in the field of Education, HR, Finance and Balanced Scorecard. In the context of the objectives in the Strategic Programme and the forthcoming institutional accreditation, UM aims to bring the management information system to a higher level. The project Be Informed has achieved a number of successes in this area.

In the Education domain management, reports were developed on student intake, yields bachelor, student academic progress, module results and state funding registrations/diplomas; management reports were also developed on subjects such as Financial Exploitation, Staffing and the Balanced Scorecard (14 KPI’s). All these reports are based on the concept of Go MAD, an acronym for Monitor, Analysis and Detail, presenting a layered structure which can be found in all completed management reports. Maintaining a management information system (such as Be Informed) requires constant focus and commitment of our organisation. The project Be Informed is an important first step forward.

On 28 June the Steering Committee Be Informed ended the project in the presence of project staff, stakeholders and other interested parties. André Postema (chairman steering committee Be Informed) and René Kocken (CIO) highlighted the importance of a good management information system and the recent achievement of the organisation in this area.”

In conclusion: another successful SAP BI implementation in Higher Education