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Case study presentation at EAIR

This summer I will be co-presenting a case study regarding the implementation of the management information system Be Informed at the Maastricht University at the EAIR (European Association for Institutional Research) forum 2013 in Rotterdam.

See below for the website summary:
Project be informed; implementing a management information system at the Maastricht University – Track 3
8/29/2013 14.15-15.15
The Maastricht University (UM) has developed a long term vision to improve the management information system. This has been achieved by implementing a series of projects, starting in 2007 by implementing the business intelligence system SAP-BW. Although several management reports were developed in subsequent projects, the result was not as desired. In 2011 the project Be Informed started and succeeded in improving the situation in a relatively short period by realising a BI framework and several management reports as a solid base for a widely accepted management information system. This paper is a case study about the project, the result and the lessons learned.
– Marc Dolman, Maastricht University, NETHERLANDS
– Arwold Koelewijn, Tacstone Solutions, NETHERLANDS
Categories: Case study of practice
Keywords: Institutional performance measures / Management / Quality

For further information, go to the website: www.eair.nl