It is all about embedding

by Arwold Koelewijn on September 21, 2013

Last month I did a co-presentation at the EAIR (European Association for Institutional Research) forum 2013 in Rotterdam, with Marc Dolman of the Maastricht University. In this presentation we were talking about the success of the project Be Informed compared to other BI projects that had been done at the university. Marc and I were […]

SAP BW business content; how useful is it?

by Arwold Koelewijn on October 28, 2012

One of the main advantages of using SAP BW as a datawarehouse in an SAP ecosystem is the way it connects with the SAP source system. This is established with the use of so-called Business Content (BI Content). But how useful is it? BI Content is a preconfigured set of consistent metadata in SAP BW […]

As of beginning this year, Xcelsius can run directly on SAP Netweaver BEx queries. This is a huge improvement, since it cuts out several layers of technology, without losing functionality. From an architect point of view, this is a step closer to IT heaven. The implementation and maintenance effort will reduce drastically with this new […]

Web reporting with BW, still an option?

by Arwold Koelewijn on May 13, 2010

For those companies who started with SAP BW early on, BEx analyzer is still the main tool. However, web reporting in BW is available when there is a need for more user-friendly BI tooling. In this blog I write about the approach for realizing this. The best feature of the BEx Analyzer is of course […]

How often does it happen that a new Business Intelligence project is build according to well documented specifications, only for the business user to find out that the result doesn’t meet his needs? In SAP Business Intelligence projects, this is still quite often the case. Most of the SAP clients are accustomed to working with […]