SAP BI and Solvency II

by Arwold Koelewijn on May 22, 2011

Insurance companies are facing a lot of changes in the coming years. Apart from topics as need for cost reduction, new products and new concepts, they also have to deal with the implementation of Solvency II. A solid BI architecture, as SAP BI, can support these needs. Solvency II is the updated set of regulatory […]

Business Intelligence in Higher Education

by Arwold Koelewijn on November 26, 2010

In recent years governmental organizations are demanding more transparency on performance and financials from Higher Education institutions. Also internally, with funding becoming more difficult, the information need is increasing. This requires for institutions to focus on their  business intelligence solutions and when needed, integrate them and set up an adequate support organisation. Business Intelligence at Higher […]

SAP BI support: what is successful?

by Arwold Koelewijn on October 6, 2010

Running successfully SAP BI at your company will always require thee lines of support. One for daily operations, one for changes and one for projects. Within these lines you require different skill sets which sometimes can be combined. Dependant on the size of your organization you need to determine how to deal with these requirements. […]