Business Warehouse

SAP BW/4HANA – the next step towards simplicity

by Arwold Koelewijn on September 9, 2016

Last month SAP has announced the next generation of SAP Business Warehouse, BW/4HANA. This logical step in the evolution of the Business Warehouse is completely dedicated to the HANA platform, and as such, can do without millions lines of coding to support other databases. Also, it has unloaded the heritage of previous SAP BW versions […]

SAPon HANA; end of SAP BW?

by Arwold Koelewijn on January 30, 2013

With the announcement of SAP on HANA, the debate has started if this would mean the end of SAP BW. In this blog are my views on this topic. First of all, I am excited about the idea of SAP on HANA. Imagine a transactional system with this type of response time. Also the performance […]

SAP Business Warehouse; when to use it?

by Arwold Koelewijn on June 6, 2010

In the days before the acquisition of Business Objects, the SAP answer to Business Intelligence was simple: SAP Business Warehouse, later known as SAP Business Intelligence. ETL, Datawarehouse, Datamart and BI tooling, all in one integrated environment. Implementing SAP BW was therefore always a complex task. Nowadays SAP has several tools available, including options where […]