Innojam Amsterdam 2013

by Arwold Koelewijn on November 24, 2013

At the Teched 2013 in Amsterdam I participated in the Innojam. Before the Teched, I was little aware of the impact and possibilities of the new direction SAP is taking when it comes to user interfaces. With the choice for SAPUI5, eclipsed base technology, SAP is making a huge step in the right direction according […]

HANA: smart data management technology

by Arwold Koelewijn on May 26, 2013

Today I finished the MOOC at open.sap.com about “In-memory Data Management”. For me as a not too technical guy this was very enlightening. For one thing, when talking about HANA, there is always the mentioning of the compression of the database, thus less HANA hardware needed. I can understand that once you have HANA, it […]

SAPon HANA; end of SAP BW?

by Arwold Koelewijn on January 30, 2013

With the announcement of SAP on HANA, the debate has started if this would mean the end of SAP BW. In this blog are my views on this topic. First of all, I am excited about the idea of SAP on HANA. Imagine a transactional system with this type of response time. Also the performance […]