SAP BO Design Studio – time to move on?

by Arwold Koelewijn on April 29, 2013

For a long time SAP BW customers have been waiting for a tool that was able to replace the Web Application Designer (WAD). Of course, there are several tools available in the BO portfolio that do parts of the WAD. Mostly with a better front-end as a result. But on the downside, not better integrated […]

Always go MAD!

by Arwold Koelewijn on May 21, 2012

When working with reports using a BI tool, the discussions are often not about the value of the measure. But rather about the validity of the data or the definition used. One of the best ways to avoid this discussion is to use the ‘go-MAD’ framework.   When reports are built with the go-MAD framework […]

As of beginning this year, Xcelsius can run directly on SAP Netweaver BEx queries. This is a huge improvement, since it cuts out several layers of technology, without losing functionality. From an architect point of view, this is a step closer to IT heaven. The implementation and maintenance effort will reduce drastically with this new […]

Web reporting with BW, still an option?

by Arwold Koelewijn on May 13, 2010

For those companies who started with SAP BW early on, BEx analyzer is still the main tool. However, web reporting in BW is available when there is a need for more user-friendly BI tooling. In this blog I write about the approach for realizing this. The best feature of the BEx Analyzer is of course […]